I Guess I'll Never Know

from by Jones Davenport

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How do
Beat til you’re old and grey
I think its somethin’ bout elec-tricity
I guess I’ll never know

How does
the dust
Settle on everything
And turn into me
I guess I’ll never know

Will I
be able to…(fly)
High once I’m dead and gone
I think it might be hard to spread my wings
When they’re covered with all that dirt

Can I
Go home
And stay at my father’s house?
He’d probably take me back. It wouldn’t be the same
You can never go home

I just sit and watch as life passes by
It’s a nice an peaceful ride

What if
You said hello…(and)
Fell for a different girl
She might have been the one to break your will
Or poison your oatmeal

Now don’t blush
The blood in
Your face runs down through your veins
For more oxygen from your lungs
And sends it back to your brain

Your stupid brain
Has got a lot of nerve
To cause you to sweat this out
Its like a game of chance. Are you in or out?
It looks like our Lady left

What do we do now
With your grandma’s hutch?
Its been passed down from year to year
I hate to see it go. Its got exotic wood
So much for love

What did all this mean? I guess we’ll never know.
You’ll have to ask him down below

You’re always on my mind, I can’t stop thinking of you
If you could just see, how the world can be so perfectly

How’d your pretty brown eyes turn so far away and black?
Is it your broken down dreams? Did you fail to just be? Please won’t you come back?

A foreign speaking rosary
In tongues of ancient complexity
Oh please, won’t you come back to me?

A shady hotel on ninety-nine
Where I think you might have lost my mind
Oh baby please, won’t you come back to me?

Bah dah bah bah bah

What if
You turned your head off
And write down a different tune
It might have been the one
To top the charts or cause you to pull apart

Your split ends
From your follicles
And throw them out in the yard
For the little bird to build her nest
Alas, are her eggs are still blue


from The Punch, released June 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Jones Davenport Seattle, Washington

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